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AGV System Rebuild & Retrofit Options
Rebuilding or retrofitting an AGV System is becoming increasingly popular because of the high cost of replacing an aging AGV System.


Rebuilding a AGV System will prolong the reliable operation for many years. With a rebuild, the AGVs are thoroughly inspected and restored to a condition close to the original. The AGVs onboard software can be updated as needed. The navigation system can be reused or replaced with newer or different technology. Network communications can be upgraded to ensure compliance with site IT requirements. The AGV System’s offboard software can be replaced or enhanced, new routes and features added.


Retrofitting is a more inclusive solution that restores the AGV System’s reliability and supportable to that of a new system. Often, a retrofit project will deliver significantly improved AGV functionality, better operating efficiencies, and includes modern service and diagnostic tools.

A well-planned AGV System retrofit can usually be accomplished without any interruptions to production and is an extremely affordable option compared to purchasing a new system. An AGV retrofitted with new controls and wiring is usually less than half the cost of a new AGV, with the same or better warranty. Amerden AGVS offers a 2-year warranty on parts, no labor.

The heart of any AGV System is the computer controls, both onboard and offboard.

Like all computer and electronic equipment, after 10-15 years, AGV controls become unreliable, hard to source, and difficult to find support. Typically, the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic systems on the AGVs are functional and supportable.

The AGV retrofit project includes replacing the AGVs onboard controls and obsolete components, replacing exiting control wiring, and overhauling the hydraulic systems. Amerden AGVS can also rebuild/replace electric motors as require. Depending on the condition of the AGVs and requirements of the project, Amerden AGVS can provide sandblasting and repainting of AGV frames, welding, modifications to the frames and functions.

Offboard controls usually require replacing both the computer hardware and upgrading or replacing the AGV System software.

No-Loss of Production

Another key factor to consider is how to maintain the AGV System functionality during the retrofit or replacement project. Amerden AGVS has developed a custom AGV System Manager (AGVSM), that enables both original AGVs and retrofitted AGVs to coexist in the same AGV System. As each AGV is retrofitted, it can be returned to the existing AGV System with complete transparency to Operations. Not only is this a benefit to Operations, but if required, the retrofit of individual AGVs can be spread out over time to better manage project cash flow.

“A vehicle and system retrofit can be accomplished without interruptions to production”