Design, installation and refurbishment of new and legacy Automated Guided Vehicle Systems since 1988.

Support & Upgrades of Existing AGV Systems

Amerden AGVS is a leading provider of AGV System support, for systems installed by Amerden AGVS and for systems installed by other AGV companies. With almost 30 years in the AGV business, Amerden AGVS engineers and technicians have developed a great wealth of experience, enabling them to effectively support a diverse range of AGV Systems.


Regardless of the original AGV System provider, Amerden AGVS can provide cost effective on-going support of your AGV System. Including:

  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Safety and Operational Upgrades
  • System Expansion
  • Host Computer/Software Upgrade
  • SQL Database Upgrade
  • Guidance and Communications Upgrades
  • Laser Bumper Upgrade
  • Maintenance/Service Contracts
We upgrade legacy systems with the latest in AGV technologies