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Design, installation and refurbishment of new and legacy Automated Guided Vehicle Systems since 1988.


The Founding Story

Amerden AGVS founded in 1988, specializes in Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS). Roland Anderson, an Electrical Engineer, and the founder of Amerden AGVS began work as an AGV Engineer in 1979. In 1988 after the AGV company he worked for merged and changed business strategy, Roland’s entrepreneurial spirit identified a need within the AGV industry that could be greatly improved. This need was providing technical support plus supply and repair of AGV equipment to the component level, to existing AGV System customers.

The Name

“Amerden”, is an acronym of AMERICA and SWEDEN. This name defines our organization as we strive to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction by combining engineering skills and knowledge from both countries. We are an American company with deep Swedish roots.

The Evolution and Growth

Shortly after Amerden AGVS opened for business, Roland expanded its successful service and repair business by providing new AGV systems as well as retrofitting existing AGV Systems. Retrofitting an aging AGV System can extend efficient operations by another 10-15 years at a cost of around 50% of a new AGV System.

Since 1988 Amerden AGVS has been a reliable, stable AGV Service provider, with a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction. As a full service AGV System provider, Amerden AGVS has positioned itself as a key player in the AGV industry.

Innovation and Reliability

We define innovation as anything new – or different – that improves the project’s return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Our fundamental objective is to innovate and implement reliable, cost effective solutions that precisely deliver the application requirements.

The Team

Soon after Amerden AGVS was started Roland began assembling a team of engineers, who shared his passion for customer solutions, engineering details and excellent customer service. Most of his staff has been with the company over 10 years.

Since 1988 Amerden AGVS has been a reliable, stable AGV Service provider, with a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction