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Design, installation and refurbishment of new and legacy Automated Guided Vehicle Systems since 1988.


Typical AGV System Scope of Work for the Rebuild option:

  1. Review the current AGV System operation, get input from management, operators and technicians about any shortcomings or parts supply issues with the system,
  2. Review Bill of Materials (BOMs) for AGVs and AGV System and identify any components that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.
  3. Provide a list of parts that will be replaced or rebuilt, and a description of the AGV operations during the rebuild project.
  4. Run each vehicle before start of the rebuild, if possible, to verify operations of motors and other functions if possible. Concerns will be documented and reviewed with the customer.
  5. Deliver a written assessment, for customer approval, of any recommended work not covered in the proposal. For example: frame strengthening or modifications, welding, repairs as required.
  6. Mechanical work includes review of old parts and installation of any replacement parts.
  7. Hydraulic system overhaul.
  8. Amerden will inspect all power and control wiring and:
         a. Replace damaged cables
         b. Replace missing wire numbers or lugs
  9. Drive/steer units will be replaced or inspected/tested and rebuilt if required.
  10. Clean vehicle and battery area.
  11. Clean and check the battery rollers.
  12. Reconfirm onsite Offboard AGV System Controls test and debug.
  13. Reinstall AGVs onsite as they are rebuilt.