Design, installation and refurbishment of new and legacy Automated Guided Vehicle Systems since 1988.


Retrofitting an AGV System is becoming increasingly popular because of the rapid advances in AGV control technology, computer hardware, and software. The mechanical parts of the AGV and peripheral mechanical hardware are usually sound and functional while the vehicle on-board controls, the system off-board control, and computer hardware are outdated or obsolete.

A well planned vehicle and system retrofit can usually be accomplished without any interruptions to production, and is an extremely affordable option compared with purchasing a new system. An AGV retrofitted with new controls and wiring is usually less than half the cost of a new one.

Our Service

Amerden will do a complete analysis of your current system; reusing as much of the vehicle and existing software as possible. We carefully plan each retrofit project to minimize interruptions to your current operation.

Main Factors In Making The Retrofit A Viable Option

If any of the factors below apply to your system, it is a good candidate for a retrofit:

  • Hardware has become obsolete and expensive to repair
  • Service and support can no longer be obtained
  • Reliability and up-time is decreasing
  • The vehicles are in disrepair
  • The system requirements have changed
“A vehicle and system retrofit can be accomplished without interruptions to production”