About Amerden

Amerden is a full service custom AGV provider, from consulting, design, manufacture, installation and long-term support of your AGV system. Amerden provides cost effective solutions for the most challenging load handling and operational requirements. Every AGV environment is different. At Amerden, each AGV system is uniquely engineered to minimize your operational costs and supply a premium and efficient system tailored for your supply chain needs.

Custom AGV solutions are standard

In addition to new AGV System Amerden can provide support for the following:

– Upgrade the functionality and reliability of an existing AGV system*
– Retrofit or refurbish an aging AGV System*
– Repair or replacement of AGV System components*
*Including AGV System not designed or installed by Amerden

Amerden is known for superb customer support and committed to providing support for the life of your systems. When operational requirements change our AGV Engineers and design tools insure easy and efficient upgrade solutions. And when equipment obsolescence impacts operations, Amerden can provide a cost effective upgrade path to restore your AGV system’s reliability and functionality.


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Amerden AGVs